If you already know what a 401(k) is and know you want to participate in the plan, feel free to jump ahead to the final video in the series, Getting Started, to learn how to get set up.

Will Hicks

Will Hicks is the financial advisor to the 401(k) plan that you are enrolled in.

Part of his job is to “pre-screen” & monitor the investment line-up for funds that combine the best combination of performance and low fees. While all investments have risks, and nothing can be guaranteed, the pre-selected line-up represent prudent investment choices at various levels of risk and return.

Another aspect of his job is to educate participants. One part of education is to enable participants to thoughtfully make investment selection that suit their personal retirement strategies and investment risk profiles. Another part is to show participant’s how to use their 401(k) as a platform to build retirement wealth.

His services are included as a part of the comprehensive support that he provides to the plan. You may contact him regarding any questions that you may have regarding the 401(K).

Will Hicks