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Bryce Bircher is a senior accountant at Martin, Bircher, Thompson, a firm that differentiates itself by its focus on a specific industry niche – medical and dental professionals.  Will sat down with Bryce to discuss how the business started, how strategy has driven the firm’s growth, and what it’s like to work in a family business.

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About Martin, Bircher, Thompson

“Martin, Bircher, Thompson, PC specializes in providing physicians and dentists with prompt and proactive accounting, tax, practice consulting and financial planning services tailored to their needs.

Our firm has been in business since the mid-1950s! We started as a local accounting firm here in Kirkland, WA and have evolved into a multi-shareholder practice servicing physicians and dentists located all across the state.

MBT is comprised of a team of individuals who are committed to excellent client service. We enjoy establishing and cultivating relationships with our clients and providing comprehensive services to address all aspects of a medical or dental practice, as well as individual financial planning needs.

We have made it our priority to understand the key factors affecting business and financial performance and to develop solutions that enable our clients to succeed in their practices and achieve their personal financial goals.”

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