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Ben Mawhinney is a co-founder at Wonderland Gear Exchange, which is an outdoor gear consignment shop that is positioned to take advantage of a major national trend – recreational equipment re-use. Will sat down with Ben to learn how the business got its start, how it overcame some challenges (including a burglary!) along the way, and what the future looks like.

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About Wonderland Gear Exchange

“Our names are Nate and Ben. We don’t usually have mustaches, but we like that they make our adventure buddies laugh, especially when we’re having some Type II Fun. Wonderland Gear Exchange is a passion project for us that began, like some good ideas, on a long snowy car ride from Seattle to Stanley, Idaho. That trip led to countless planning sessions at the kitchen table, opportunities to hear the stories behind similar shops around the country, and generally learning that an idea is a lot easier than a plan. Despite the obstacles, we believe deeply in the three principals below, and we are eager to keep working hard to make this the kind of used gear store that the Seattle community deserves.”

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