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Scott Cooper is the founder of Blue Highway Games, a Seattle board game store that offers an alternative to electronic media with a carefully curated game selection and a community of like-minded customers. Will sat down with Scott and Amanda Erven, the store manager, to discuss how the business was born out of a job at Microsoft, how it’s grown, and what the future holds.

Learn more about Blue Highway games by visiting their website.

“Blue Highway is a retail store and community space located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. We specialize in board games, puzzles, trading card games, and their wide assortment of accessories. Whether you are a board game or puzzle enthusiast, a light dabbler, or simply a curious browser;
We have a little something for everyone!

Our monthly and weekly events are open to the community. These events are a wonderful place to learn new games and meet people. The community play space is open during store hours and the library is free to use for customers and locals to gather to play games and spend time with one another.
We also sell snacks and drinks at our snack bar for your enjoyment during store hours and events.

Our store’s tag line is “Unplug and Reconnect” because we believe it is important to take breaks from our digital lives and focus on fostering our relationships. Playing board games and solving puzzles is a great way to do that!”

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