I named my firm “Sapling Wealth” because my clients value thoughtful investment strategies that will grow and appreciate over time. This enables them to focus on living life to the fullest.

Individual services & personal wealth management

Everyone has a different style and set of preferences on managing their financial well-being. Some are do-it-yourselfers, but still need a road map. Others want to completely outsource the management of their financial assets to someone they trust.

I guide my clients to prioritize thinking about what they can do with their money (return-on-life) and let me worry about investment performance (return-on-investment). As such, I offer a number of ways to tap into cost-effective financial advice based on your specific needs.

What We Offer

Financial Planning

Designed for clients looking for a comprehensive, one-time financial plan that takes a deep dive into the complexities of tricky financial issues such as personal spending, healthcare, aging parents, education, and retirement savings. After all the key documents are collected this service consists of approximately 3-4 meetings (in-person and online) and an additional 10-30 hours of analysis on my end. The objective is to provide a reference document to plan for the future.

Depending on the complexity of the client’s finances,
this service is priced between

$3,500 – $10,500 per plan.

Ongoing Financial Advice
& Money Management

Sapling Wealth Management has a straightforward pricing for its individual clients looking for an ongoing relationship that includes comprehensive & advanced wealth management services.

Individual Advisory Service Fees:
The client pays the adviser a meeting fee and Assets-Under-Management Fee for its services.  The meeting fee is billed on a per hour basis, by meeting.  The AUM fee on investment assets up to $7 million is 1.0%, and 0.85% thereafter.