I named my firm “Sapling Wealth” because my clients value thoughtful investment strategies that will grow and appreciate over time. This enables them to focus on living life to the fullest.

Individual services & personal wealth management

Everyone has a different style and set of preferences on managing their financial well-being. Some are do-it-yourselfers, but still need a road map. Others want to completely outsource the management of their financial assets to someone they trust. I guide my clients to prioritize thinking about what they can do with their money (return-on-life) and let me worry about investment performance (return-on-investment). As such, I offer a number of ways to tap into cost-effective financial advice based on your specific needs.

What Is An Individual Investor’s Single Biggest Investing Mistake?

“Buy Low, Sell High” is an old Wall Street truism for making money in the capital markets. But what do most people do?  They buy high and sell low – just the opposite. Numerous academic studies have shown this to actually be the case. In fact, this area of “behavioral finance” is one of the most studied areas in investments. In this subject area the brightest financial minds in investment business often focus on a simple conundrum: why does the average individual investor consistently realize investment returns that are far below the long-term annualized returns of a diversified portfolio?

Many times, the answer is that individuals don’t understand their own investment risk tolerance and when the markets swoon, they panic and sell. It is like they are driving 75 MPH in a 50 MPH speed zone and are surprised when they get a ticket.

What is your Investment Risk Tolerance? Find out by taking this free quiz that will calculate your “Risk Number.” 

Afterwards, if you would like, I can analyze your portfolio to see how closely you have matched your financial portfolio to your personal investment risk level.

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Financial Planning

Designed for clients looking for a comprehensive, one-time financial plan that takes a deep dive into the complexities of tricky financial issues such as personal spending, healthcare, aging parents, education, and retirement savings. After all the key documents are collected this service consists of approximately 3-4 meetings (in-person and online) and an additional 15-25 hours of analysis on my end. The objective is to provide a reference document to plan for the future.

Depending on the complexity of the client’s finances,
this service is priced between

$1,500 – $4,500 per plan.

Ongoing Financial Advice
& Money Management

For clients looking for an ongoing relationship that includes comprehensive & advanced wealth management services, I provide two financial advisory pricing models:


This package is geared towards individuals who may be in need of substantive financial advice, but have not yet accumulated enough personal financial wealth to fit into the traditional investment adviser fee structure. I believe individuals in this category are underserved and, in some ways, benefit from cogent financial advice the most. A primary focus for these clients may be personal debt strategies, education planning, retirement planning, personal spending, and major asset purchases (like homes and cars).

This package consists of a financial plan, a $150 monthly ongoing retainer, and a flat 1.0% fee of assets under management.

For individuals with liquid financial assets over $500,000 whose financial lives are more complex and require additional planning and high-level investment advice. A primary focus for these clients may be estate planning, tax efficiency, charitable giving and wealth transfer.

This package consists of a financial plan and sliding fee for assets under management.