Building wealth is hard work.

Now, managing it intelligently matters more than ever.

Are you anxious about making the right personal finance decisions within volatile markets?

Are you considering making a bold move regarding your personal finances and have concern about acting wisely?

Do you want the confidence and peace of mind that your wealth is being managed prudently?

I help individuals thoughtfully manage their wealth with
individualized financial advice that helps assets grow.

Get a Customized Strategy From Someone
with Experience You Can Trust.

Hi, I’m Will Hicks.

I started on Wall Street as an Equity Research Analyst, where I earned the Wall Street Journal’s “All-Star Analyst” award for my work as a healthcare service stock analyst.* Over a decade ago, I started Sapling Wealth Management, an independent, boutique investment firm specializing in wealth management for affluent individuals..

A career spanning 30 years of financial service experience has given me a deeper understanding of the risks and rewards of investing. If you’re ready to grow your assets with thoughtful investment advice, we may be a good fit.

Schedule a review today, and let’s take the first step toward figuring out what is best for you.

  • William G. Hicks did not pay any fees to the Wall Street Journal or Zacks to be included in this ranking.
  • The award category was for Hospitals and HMOs (Healthcare Services). Only one analyst was determined to be the most accurate of 41 healthcare service analysts ranked (2.4% of total analysts ranked).
  • This award does not evaluate the quality of services provided to the client.
  • This award was based on the accuracy of individual company earnings estimates relative to other research analysts in 1996.
  • The data used in the analysis was determined to be accurate by the Wall Street Journal; however, not all data was considered to be eligible for analysis and this could have affected results.
  • The award was based on average earnings estimate accuracy; individual company estimates may have differed more or less than the average estimate.
  • The award is not indicative of future performance.
  • The Wall Street Journal and Zacks Investment Research conducted the survey.

Wealth Management Strategy

Designed for clients looking for a comprehensive, one-time financial plan that takes a deep dive into the complexities of tricky financial issues such as personal spending, healthcare, aging parents, education, and retirement savings. After all the key documents are collected this service consists of approximately 3-4 meetings (in-person and online) and an additional 15-25 hours of analysis on my end. The objective is to provide a reference document to plan for the future.

Depending on the complexity of the client’s finances,
this service is priced between

$1,500 – $4,500 per plan.

Ongoing Financial Advice
& Wealth Management

For clients looking for an ongoing relationship that includes comprehensive & advanced wealth management services, I provide two financial advisory pricing models:


This package is geared towards individuals who may be in need of substantive financial advice, but have not yet accumulated enough personal financial wealth to fit into the traditional investment adviser fee structure. I believe individuals in this category are underserved and, in some ways, benefit from cogent financial advice the most. A primary focus for these clients may be personal debt strategies, education planning, retirement planning, personal spending, and major asset purchases (like homes and cars).

This package consists of a financial plan, a $150 monthly ongoing retainer, and a flat 1.0% fee of assets under management.

For individuals with liquid financial assets over $500,000 whose financial lives are more complex and require additional planning and high-level investment advice. A primary focus for these clients may be estate planning, tax efficiency, charitable giving and wealth transfer.

This package consists of a financial plan and sliding fee for assets under management.

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