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We tell the stories of growth behind the successful businesses that build the Seattle community.

Each episode features an interview with a Seattle business owner, unpacking their journey and uncovering insights from their experiences.

These are the businesses that make our community special. If you’re invested in the Seattle business community or are building a business yourself, this podcast is for you.

Meet Your Host

Will Hicks has been recognized as a Wall Street Journal All Star Analyst and is the founder of Sapling Wealth Management (a financial advisory firm specializing in small business benefit planning and high-net worth investment strategies) where he focuses on enriching the lives of his clients.


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Episode 13: Brent Anderson

Washington state recently became the first state in the nation to establish a state-run long-term care trust fund, which will help pay for long-term care and support services for eligible individuals over 18 years of age. What does this mean? Starting on January 1, 2022, employers must begin collecting a 0.58% payroll tax on W-2 […]

Episode 12: Jenefeness Tucker, Washington Small Business Development Center

Jenefeness Tucker is a business advisor at the Washington Small Business Development Center. She has been coaching, educating, and training entrepreneurs for more than 18 years. She teaches Economics at Seattle Central College and is the author of several books, including “Finesse My Business: From Launching to Levitating,” “21 Day FI$CAL Bootcamp Workbook” and “Finesse […]

Episode 11: Dan Adams, McMillen Jacobs Associates | Seattle Business Builders

Dan Adams is the CEO of McMillen Jacobs Associates, a mid-sized heavy civil engineering firm specializing in tunnel and dam projects and featuring design-build capabilities. Dan sat down with Will to talk about his long history as a field and design engineer and, now, as a C-suite executive managing the challenges of leading 500+ employees […]